Art Attack Nashville is a great gallery to shop for clients as well as for myself. The selection and quality of the oils and frames are incredible and the prices are great. Candace and Tim have created an atmosphere for purchasing art a special experience.
 ~~D'Lisa Reynard, Design Consultant

For months I had been searching galleries for the perfect piece of art for above the fireplace in our master suite. I had been to galleries in New Orleans and San Francisco and nothing seemed quite right. When Candace and Tim invited us over the see their art, I figured art that didn't come from a gallery would never suite my taste - or if it did, the art would not fit my pocket book. WOW was I wrong! The selection from Art Attack Nashville had depth, character, and a unique style. I ended up buying three pieces on my first trip. The best part of all was that Tim came over and hung the large 30 X 40 oil above my fireplace. Check out Art Attack and keep going back. I am ready to start on another room!
  ~~Debbie Laffey, Channel 5 Sales Representative

Working for a company that specializes in dealing with the 'affluent' market, I am accustomed to reviewing Fine Art schedules that will include expensive paintings,sculptures etc. We work with galleries across the United States as well. Upon Walking into the Art Attack Gallery, I was very impressed with the overall setup. Their selection of paintings is enormous but I especially liked the options of picking a frame, having the capability of taking a picture on loan to see if it was really what I wanted. I have purchased 4 paintings and receive constant compliments on these. I have recommended Art Attack to several friends knowing that I could feel comfortable in doing so and that they will be as satisfied as I have been.
   ~~Diana Lehman, Business Development Manager, Fireman's Fund

The first time I visited Art Attack I was stunned. Not only was there an amazing array of original and diverse paintings, but there was also an atmosphere that Candace and Tim created to make me, the shopper, comfortable and unhurried. I so appreciate their commitment to an environment that doesn't pressure, offers advice only when solicited, and makes me confident that I can go home and "think about it" --- in other words, no rush to buy. Their prices are extremely fair. The choices are amazing. What else could you ask for?
 ~~Michelle Moggio

Working with Candace and Tim at Art Attack was a very relaxing experience for me. I have been able to look for unique art pieces of all kinds made of premium quality framing for the richest of oil paintings, as well as wrought iron and wood. I have found myself building what I believe will be a life-style expression in my home. I wasn’t sure what I really wanted. Candace and Tim made purchasing art a casual stress-free experience with quality and trust, knowing if it didn’t meet with my expectations, I could bring the pieces back. Art Attack is the type of art gallery I will go back to again and again to build the look I want for my home; knowing I am making a great investment with a quality gallery gives me the piece of mind to feel good about my choice.
  ~~Rose Davis

The Art Attack Nashville gallery has a fabulous selection of all sizes and styles of artwork. I am very pleased with the art I have purchased there. Everything is high quality with frames that perfectly complement the selections. Not only do they have the best prices but the attention to detail in customer service is unparalleled. Expert advice in a relaxing environment.
  ~~Tina Ives, Sales representative

As an art lover and a decorator, I have found Art Attack Nashville to be a new source of amazing oil paintings and artwork. Whether I'm searching for the focal point for a room or an accessory piece, Art Attack has such a wide selection I've been able to find just the right piece for clients with widely varying tastes. And given that the gallery is in a gracious home, the buying experience is a pleasure!
  ~~Carolyn Marek, Essential Designs, 615.376.0005

I had wanted an oil painting for quite a while, but could not bring myself to pay the thousands of dollars they usually cost. I was thrilled to find out about Art Attack and the reasonable prices they offer on such beautiful pieces. I had no idea what a dramatic addition the painting would make to our family room.
 ~~Teresa Reynolds

I have purchased several art pieces from Art Attack, both personally and for my gallery, and am most pleased. The art is beautiful, interesting, and creative, and the service from Candace and Tim is superb. I would highly recommend them and say you must visit their Gallery.
  ~~Phil Russell, Avante Galleries, 2209 Bandywood Drive, 615.383.6116

I am a Realtor to an upscale builder in Williamson County. Due to the profession I am in, I am continually exposed to many high end expensive homes. I have seen all types and quality of art and I know how expensive good art can be. Upon visiting Art Attack, I was deeply impressed with the quality but even more impressed with their prices. The frames are unbelievably detailed and beautiful and there are so many to pick from. Without question my art experience was wonderful. Candace and Tim's expertise was incredible in assisting me in selecting several amazing pieces I enjoy daily in my home. Art Attack Nashville is the best kept secret in town!
  ~~Mary Kocina, Realtor

Candace and Tim seem to uniquely understand that it is just as important for art to express the personality of the individual as it is that of the room. Their excitement at finding just the right piece for each customer is instantly contagious. Throw in some of the best prices that you’ll see in the Southeast and there’s no reason to go anywhere else. You will fall in love with their product and their way of doing business.
  ~~Matt Baugher

As a design consultant and faux painter, I spend a significant amount of time in fine homes across middle Tennessee. Of all the various styles of architecture and design that I encounter, I cannot think of one that wouldn’t beautifully house a piece from the fine gallery at Art Attack. They have a unique talent for locating just the right oil and frame for virtually any environment. And their prices are unbeatable. How do you fill an entire house with fantastic pieces of art that each express a personality without breaking the bank? Simple. You hire Art Attack.
  ~~Debbie Baugher, Diva Deb – Faux Painter, 517-0309

I met Tim and Candace at their gallery, Art Attack Nashville, and I immediately felt comfortable with them and the unique environment they have created in their home gallery. It is important that my clients feel the same comfort when they are at an art gallery searching for that special piece. I must say that I am particular about where I take my clients for their home decor purchases. I work hard to build a relationship
of trust and confidence when I advise them on their decorating. Since discovering Art Attack Nashville and their wonderful collection of art, I have brought many of my clients to the gallery.
I have been impressed with how Tim and Candace give them the special advice and attention they need during the selection and purchase of artwork. All of my clients have been thrilled with the artwork they have purchased. I wouldn't take my customers anywhere else!
  ~~Lyn Wray, Decorator, 269-7599

Art Attack Nashville is an impressive gallery with a professional, yet intimate feeling. My clients are pleasantly suprised that they can actually afford the pieces they fall in love with. Candace helps my business stay true to its mission of providing affordable decorating for the average person!"
~~ Anna Brown, Rooms Revived Interior Makeovers