"..an amazing array of original and diverse paintings.."

"I had no idea what a dramatic addition the painting would make to our family room."

"..prices are extremely fair.."

"..especially liked taking a picture on loan to see if it was really what I wanted."

"Working with Candace and Tim...was a very relaxing experience..."

"..a great gallery to shop for clients as well as for myself.."

"..a unique talent for locating just the right oil and frame.."

"..frames are unbelievably detailed and beautiful and there are so many to pick from.."

"You will fall in love with their product and their way of doing business."

"They give my clients the special advice and attention they need and deserve. I wouldn't take my clients anywhere else."

"..an impressive gallery with a professional, yet intimate feeling. My clients are pleasantly suprised that they can actually afford the pieces they fall in love with."


See our latest arrivals!

Welcome to Art Attack - Nashville!

We offer quality oils on canvas as well as original artwork on paper, and all at prices that make handpainted art affordable for everyone.

On this site you will find several galleries with samples of art representing the multitude of styles and techniques that we offer our clients.

Art Attack Nashville offers hundreds of unique selections of original art, paired with unusually low prices, making it possible to purchase quality as well as quantities of decorative art.

What can you expect from us?

We offer an art gallery experience here in Nashville Tennessee that is broad in style and art taste.

We also work with special requests to bring examples of our art pieces to your home or office after a thorough consultation with us as to the sizes and art style you are looking to purchase.

Art Attack Nashville offers art selections at a very personal viewing level, an environment that makes your art decisions easy and comfortable.

Visit our online gallery now, then contact us  to arrange a visit to our real gallery, seen in the images at the right..


Pricing and Consultation

Our prices for most original oils and artwork start at $75 for framed oils and rarely exceed $2,500 for even the largest pieces (a 36” X 48” range).

Our exceptions for pricing art at a higher cost would involve orders that require custom framing to suit a client’s individual wishes.

We will work within your budget at all times and look forward to assisting you in finding the right painting for your home, office or any environment that needs a touch of artwork!