Art Links

Learning about art makes art ownership that much more meaningful. Many of you probably know a great deal about art already - perhaps you have a gallery, or are an artist, or teach, or study. Others are great art affecionados or patrons and have accumulated a wealth of understanding about art by following that path.

Still, everybody has to get a start somewhere, so here are some links we've put together for Web sites and other materials that can help you make an enlightened decision about the art you buy.

The Louvre

What else? Perhaps the world's best known art museum. There are many books and Web sites dedicated to the Louvre. This link takes you to the renowned Louvre's online galleries.

National Gallery of Art

C'est magnifiqué. Oh. We should have used that for The Louvre, but it is also quite true of our own national gallery. If you love art and are heading for DC, add an extra day to your itinerary for this amazing place. In the meantime, take a virtual visit.

Frist Center for the Arts

You don't have to travel to Paris or Washington, DC, to see great art up close and personal. Go with friends and family, go alone when you have time to linger. Then come back to us. We'll help you start or expand your own collection, and at prices far more down-to-earth.